There’s an APP for that…

Food Apps...

Today I was with a teaching partner and we decided to run out for a coffee. She wanted to go to Starbucks, but we were in an unfamiliar area out of town. What do do???? She pulled out her phone and checked her Starbuck’s app. Sure enough, there was a Starbuck’s less than 2 km away.

Consider how smartphone and apps have influenced the way we get information about food or even access it.

Consider the following article from Canadian Living on-line about the top 10 food and drink apps.

Canadian Living Top 10 Food and Drink Apps

After reading the article choose one of the following from the choices below:

1. Choose 2 apps from the list which you think would be most useful to you and why. On the flip side, describe the 2 most useful apps to you and why they would add nothing to your life.


2. Find 2 other food apps that you think would be useful to your life and those of your classmates. Describe the apps and why they they could be of benefit.


3. Create your own app. Tell what you would like in a food smart phone app and describe what niche it fits into for improving a specific target group’s life.

Show your work in a format that best suits your learning style.